“An Island Far, Far Away” – Filming for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens has taken place on a remote Irish Island under a veil of secrecy, on a remote windswept island off the coast of south-west Ireland. Skellig Michael (or Great Skellig) is the larger of the two Skellig Islands located 11.6 km west of the Iveragh Peninsula in Co.Kerry, Ireland. A Christian monastery was founded on the island at some point between the 6th and 8th century and remained continuously occupied until its abandonment in the late 12th century. The remains of the monastery, along with the island itself, became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1996.

Both of the Skellig islands are known for their seabird colonies, and together comprise one of the most important seabird sites in Ireland, both for the population size and for the species diversity. Join us on our Feel the Soul, 8 Day Guided Walk in Kerry & tour to visit this epic location.

The island was closed to the public as the crew for the seventeenth instalment of this franchise descended to film the JJ Abrams-directed blockbuster.  Hundreds of sci-fi fans flocked to the sleepy village of Portmagee to catch a glimpse of the Star Wars cast. Filming of this new Star Wars franchise is expected to bring “hundreds of thousands” of extra tourists to Ireland, with many new flight routes to Ireland announced by airlines.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is not the first movie to be shot on the landscapes of Kerry so we have listed some here just to give you a feel for what awaits you in Ireland on a holiday with Ireland Walk Hike Bike.

1970 ryan's daughterRyan’s Daughter (1970)

Hollywood descended on Dingle in 1970, and the sleepy fishing village was never the same. David Lean’s sage won two Oscars – one for cinematographer Freddie Young and another for supporting actor John Mills. The cinematography is particularly lush, with panoramic scenes of the beach at Inch and the bluebells in Killarney. The film tells the story of a headmaster’s wife who has an affair with a British Officer during World War 1, and it still brings film fans to the area each year. The remains of the schoolhouse built for the film still stand overlooking the Blasket Islands. See these locations on our Dingle Peninsula Guided Tour.

Excalibur ( 1981)

John Borman’s fantasy based on King Arthur’s rise to power was filmed entirely in Derrynane, County Kerry. Boorman’s interpretation tells the story of the magical sword Excalibur from when it is first embedded in a rock by the evil Uther Pendragon (Gabriel Byrne). Other major stars include Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart, and Helen Mirren. Director of photography Alex Thomson even got an Oscar nomination. See these locations on the Ring of Kerry 8 Day Guided Walk.

Far_and_away_ver1Far & Away (1992)

This is a great feel-good romance about Irish peasants forced to immigrate to the United States in the 19th century. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and director Ron Howard scattered Hollywood gold dust in Dingle once again when they arrived to recreate a Famine-era village in Dunquin, on the Dingle Peninsula. See this location on the 10 Day Dingle Peninsula Self Guided Hike.



Harry-Potter-and-the-Half-Blood-PrinceHarry Potter & The Half–Blood Prince (2009)

The most famous Irish scene from Harry Potter was shot at the dramatic Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, but scenes from Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince were also filmed in Kerry. Not many people know this, but after the scene at the cliffs, Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry and Ian McKellen’s Dumbledore appear on the famous Lemon Rock in Kerry. Lemon Rock is situated near Little Skellig and Skellig Michael.





This is just a small sample of the movies which have been shot in Ireland over the years with more recent TV series such as Vikings and Game of Thrones also highlighting the rugged beauty of our little Island. We look forward to see you all soon to explore this mystical land.

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