GPS Hiking & Cycling App Ireland

GPS Hiking & Cycling App Ireland

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You’ve got Ireland in the palm of your hand…

Technology, where would we be without it?

Did you know you can now carry all the information you need for your hiking or cycling tour on your phone? In 2019 we introduced our amazing GPS app and in 2021 we updated it to be an all included package to hold all your holiday information!

What’s on the App?

Our new, improved Hiking and Cycling App does more than just assist you in navigating your trail maps. It also shows you:

  • A Day by Day breakdown of your activities, accommodation and transportation
  • Emergency Contact Information – the Emergency Services in Ireland and our 24 contact number
  • Important Information on the app, your itinerary, points of interest to look out for and the region you will be visiting.
  • Weather for each day of your trip, provided by Google Weather
  • Your Itinerary documents, such as your itinerary confirmation and Route Notes.

Who can access the app?

All of our self-guided guests can gain access to the hiking GPS or cycling GPS app versions on each of our Package Options – Traditional or Digital.

All of your hiking routes will be tailored to your own specific tour. The app will guide you from door to door each day, highlighting real time points of interest along the way and advising where best to eat, and drink, each evening.

Our bike tourists can all access the service as a cycling app. Offering the same services as the hiking option but taking you along the bike ride routes on road, as opposed to the hiking trails.

Do I need Cell Service or a Data Plan?

No. The great thing about out GPS app is the downloadable maps option. This means you can download the maps to use the app app for tracking offline. You will not need to use your data on the trails each day. You can put your phone in Airplane mode and just turn on your GPS location services.

All the additional information – points of interest, bars and restaurants – download also.

Where can I get the app?

The app is available to download for free from both the App Store and Play Store. Just search for Ireland Walk Hike Bike in your relevant store. Please note, it will not have any content for your tour until you are fully booked and paid up.

Can I see a sample of the app?

Of course you can, we have a sample itinerary uploaded by default. When you download from your selected store simply press on the cloud icon beside the text bar on the first page to see a sample of some hiking routes, important information and Day by Day.

When can I get access for my trip?

We generally set up your app access 6 weeks prior to your trip, so, as soon as we receive your balancing payment we would hope to send you an email with access.

Visitors on a Digital Package will also receive a PDF copy of their route notes in the same email.

This allows you plenty of time to get used to the app, and study your routes.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch.

We’ve had some great feedback from our visitors, with them finding their self-guided tour experiences enhanced by the services offered…………

"I loved your GPS app. It was our security blanket when we weren't quite sure of a direction!"

"Great app with helpful GPS routes and points of interest highlighted. It made our hike much easier!"

"Great app with helpful GPS routes and points of interest highlighted. It made our hike much easier!"

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