Cycling Checklist

Cycling Checklist

We want you to enjoy your holiday as much as possible & therefore preparation is key.  This information is given to help you do just that.  We have included general information specific to your Holiday preparation & also some useful information which we hope will make things easier for you if this is your first visit to Ireland.

(ESSENTIAL for your bike holiday)
It is a tremendous advantage to have “breathable” waterproofs.  This helps to avoid excessive over-heating in warm weather. 

Jackets: we recommend jackets with a good hood and neck collar and a full-length zip with a cover over it or behind it to ensure no leakage.  Pockets should be large enough to hold bits and pieces without straining or bulging.  An inside pocket that is large enough to hold a map is also a great advantage. 

Trousers: should be waist high with a zip on the side of the leg (from the knee down) to make it easier to get them on or off over shoes.  Experience has taught us that rain capes are NOT a good idea for cycling in Ireland. 

All bikes are hybrids (a cross between a mountain & a road bike) as these are best suited to Irish roads.  All come with panniers & a basic repair kit.  You are expected to be able to repair a flat tyre & do minor adjustments with your bike.  Any major problems – please contact us for support.  We recommend you wear a cycle helmet which is required by law in Ireland.  We also recommend you wear a “high visibility” vest on the outside of your clothing at all times.

When the bicycles are not in use they MUST be locked at all times. If bicycles are left unattended during the day they must be locked to an immovable object. At the accommodation they must be stored on the premises, in a garage or lock-up and secured using the bicycle lock. The panniers and handlebar bag are the responsibility of the cyclists and should remain with them at all times.

Cycling Clothing

  • Breathable underwear (if desired)
  • Breathable tops or t-shirts but not cotton (Base Layer)
  • Cycle shorts with padded bottom / track suit bottoms (not denim jeans)
  • Fleece / pile jacket (or similar – Mid Layer)
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Bicycle Helmet (you are welcome to bring your own but we will provide one if preferable)

For your pannier

  • Warm Hat and Sun Hat
  • Gloves
  • Small Towel
  • Water bottle / Thermos flask (for hot liquids)
  • Swimsuit!  (We do get good weather from time to time!)
  • Camera
  • Batteries for camera
  • Sunglasses

Personal first aid kit: (to carry in your rucksack)

  • Vaseline
  • Arnica for bruising or sprains
  • Disinfectant cream for minor cuts
  • Band Aids /Elastoplast for minor cuts
  • Lipsalve
  • Sun cream
  • After sun-cream (Aloe Vera)
  • Personal Medication – to carry just in case during the day
  • Scissors


  • Passport (visa if necessary)
  • Flight Ticket
  • Drivers License
  • Credit Card
  • Copy of your Insurance Cover
  • Money (some cash for your first few days)
  • Suitcase Labels (on all bags)


  • Personal Toiletries, soap and face cloth (wash cloths).
  • Mobile (Cell) phone (though useful in an emergency, it should not be relied on as a safety aid as network coverage is often poor in the hills and countryside) 
  • Mobile (Cell) phone charger (+ electrical adaptor)

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