Mission Statement

Ireland is our country, our home & we are passionate about it.  In all we do, we want to ensure that we leave the Ireland we know and love for our children & for future generations to come.

That is why we believe that Ireland should be seen slowly, by foot or by bike, so that you can feel its soul and hear its stories. This has been our philosophy since starting Ireland Walk Hike Bike in 1994, and today we still encourage our clients to take plenty of photos and leave only footprints, so ensuring minimal impact on our country & maximum enjoyment.

Our commitment, values and what is important to us as a company and as a group of individuals is the environment. It is something we have naturally done since we began in business, but until now, we have never told you, our clients, about it. We have put these values down for you to read under separate headings with more information if you wish to read further. We hope that you as our clients, will appreciate the quality of service we provide, as we strive to maintain our country as you find it in all its natural glory. Please do come and enjoy it with us!

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