We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions from our guests and answered them for you below.

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A self guided hiking or cycling tour is one where you hike/cycle alone or with the group you book with; you are not accompanied by a tour guide. When you book a self guided tour with us, we will arrange your accommodation for each night, move your luggage for you each day and give you detailed notes & maps to ensure you get safely from place to place each day. You will also have the added security of 24 hour telephone support, should you need us for anything. You will also be given access to your very own personalized phone application which will have each days hiking/cycle route downloaded so you can follow the GPS route. As well as this on your GPS route you will have points of interest along the way which will appear on your map and when you come to these you can read about each point of interest. Your accommodation will also be on your map so it is just like having a guide in your pocket.

A guided hiking tour is all of the above but with the addition of a guide on your hike. When you choose a guided hiking holiday with us, you wont just have someone to lead the way; our guides will fill your head & heart with stories about the culture and the landscape you visit. They will also help you discover the most amazing hikes each day and the liveliest pubs for a pint with the locals, the most amazing restaurant or the awe-inspiring viewing point to enjoy your lunch while hiking each day.

A Guide Assisted tour is the perfect tour for you if you want the security of having an expert local guide at hand and the opportunity to set your own pace each day. This tour type has all the benefits of a guided tour but with the flexibility of a self-guided tour. On a Guide Assisted tour, your guide will brief you each evening on the next day’s hike. You will have 3 or 4 options each day with differing distances and difficulty levels so each day you can chose whatever hike feels right for you. Each morning before you set out on your hike, your guide will give you an overview of your coming days terrain and ensure you have all the relevant information about points of interest along the way. During your hike, your guide will always be close by in a support vehicle, so if you need assistance, this option is always there. Your luggage WILL be transported AND the guide will be waiting for you at the end of your hike to ensure all is well. In the evening, you can choose to eat with the group or make your own plans and your guide will give you recommendations for the very best restaurants and pubs in the wonderful towns villages you stay in along the way. The primary difference between this tour type and a standard guided tour is that the guide will not hike with you. You will be free to hike at your own pace, following our detailed, easy to read route notes for simple navigation. You also have the option to follow a GPS track which can be downloaded onto your phone as an additional navigation aid.

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