Responsible Marketing
We are committed to Responsible Marketing & communicating an honest and clear message of our product.

We provide detailed itineraries that describe our product on offer, the average size of the groups, the type of accommodation we use, the restaurants we use, full details of meals provided.

We also give details on the length of time spent walking each day which includes distance, maximum height, duration and short description of type of walk and footwear required. We also advise that an itinerary may change if inclement weather occurs and does not render it safe to use that trail on that day.
We provide information on the history, folklore and culture of each area we visit, giving links to websites where additional information is available on each region.

In relation to the names of destinations, we point out if the area is a Geopark, Special Area of Conservation, National Park, World Heritage Site, Nature reserve or European Destination of Excellence.

We advise our clients in our pre-departure information that we operate an environmentally friendly tour where we adhere to a Leave No Trace Policy and advise to bring their own water bottle and lunch box to eliminate unnecessary waste.
We use images that accurately represent the tour on offer all of which have been taken by our guides or by our guests and allow visitors the time and the opportunity to take similar photos to remember their holiday by. We further encourage this engagement by offering a free holiday to anyone whose photo is featured on the front page of our brochure.

On our website we give links to allow people to access further information on ecotourism organisations.
On our website we give information on voluntary contributions towards the conservation of natural areas.
We have recently upgraded our website to ensure it is mobile responsive and make booking online easier for our clients. All of our bookings are done online, we use an electronic version of our brochure and only mail a brochure to clients when specifically asked for one.

Cultural Respect and awareness

We actively encourage all our guests to interact with locals in whatever region they happen to be. On our guided tours we bring our guests to local events such as Music nights in the local community hall or events such as a GAA match where they can learn about the sport and meet the local people. We bring our guests to meet local crafts people such as a Stonemason and pottery makers in Dingle or basket weavers in Mulranny, This we feel is what sets our tours apart from others as our guests get to see the real Ireland and how it has been shaped by history and culture.

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