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Ireland Walk Hike Bike was set up with one purpose in mind – to show you the real Ireland that we know and love. Having watched many visitors “flash” through Ireland – founder Linda Woods decided back in 1994 to find a better way to see the country. “My aim was to slow people down, so they really get their feet into the soul of the country, meet the locals & discover what makes Ireland & the Irish tick………” and 25 years later – this is exactly what Ireland Walk Hike Bike is still doing today…

Whatever holiday you want – walk, hike, bike, more active than that or less active than that – we will be delighted to chat with you, help plan your holiday with you to ensure you have a really memorable trip to Ireland.

Linda, Maurice & their team of personally chosen Travel Specialists are always on hand to answer any enquiries you may have to ensure you have a super holiday in Ireland……..we look forward to hearing from you. 

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