Cycling Tours in Ireland

Ireland Self-Guided Cycling Tours

Picture yourself on your favourite bicycle, meandering through rolling hills and ancient forests. Following quiet country lanes you find yourself surrounded by ancient stone walls and bright, green fields full of fluffy sheep… 

Do you like what you see? Well, then we have some good news to share: 
a cycling tour in Ireland can make that dream come true! This blog post will tell you all you need to know (and more!) about cycling holidays in Ireland.

Top 3 Reasons to take an Ireland Cycling Tour

To be honest, we could give you a million reasons why you should come cycling in Ireland. However, we don’t want to overdo it. Therefore, we’ll just share our top three reasons to go cycling in the Irish countryside.

1. Location, location, location!

You probably know what the real estate agent says when you are thinking of buying a house: there are three reasons to go for it. The first one is location, the second is location and the third… right… location!

The same thing goes for all bike tours in Ireland. Whether you spend it on the Ring of Beara, Dingle, the Aran Islands or in Killarney National Park, the scenery is to die for.

2. Great Food and Accommodation

Another great reason for you to plan an Ireland bike tour is the huge selection of accommodation you will find here.

The lovely, colourful towns and villages are usually full of wonderful places to stay. Whether you’re looking for a chic hotel or a cosy B&B, it’s all there!

And then we haven’t even mentioned the food… B&Bs provide you with mouth-watering full Irish breakfasts that are impossible to refuse. Why should you anyway? You need your fuel to get through the day!

And after that long and lovely day on your bike, it is time to devour a well-deserved, tasty evening meal in the local pub.

3. Easy Navigation

Our travel planners at Ireland Walk Hike Bike are experts when it comes to finding the most beautiful, peaceful country lanes to explore during your Irish cycling holiday. All of our carefully designed routes are now available in the user-friendly Ride With GPS app. Simply download the app, choose your destination and off you go! You can even save some points of interest along the way before leaving the hotel. That way, you won’t miss out on any stone circles, castles and cafes on your route.

All in all, you never have to worry about directions when you book a cycling tour with Ireland Walk Hike Bike. In the evenings, following a day of cycling, relax over a tasty Irish meal, explore the town or village, or attend a traditional music session at the local pub. 

The perfect cycling experience with Ireland Walk Hike Bike

If you are still not completely convinced about a cycling tour in Ireland, here’s another reason: Ireland Walk Hike Bike offers some amazing self-guided bike tours in Cork and Kerry, the counties of mountains and sea.

With all the planning and arrangements taken care of ahead of time, you can just show up, start pedaling and enjoy the scenery! 

Here’s how it works:

Pick your bike type

When you book a self-guided bike tour with Ireland Walk Hike Bike, you get to select which bike you want to use. You can bring your own, or rent one from the company. If you go for a rental, you have several options to choose from:

Go for a road bike if you want to test your legs on steep mountain passes and undulating roads. Or if you are looking for a way to impress your partner, of course. Bear in mind that your body position on a road bike asks for some strength in your upper body, too. So if you’d only go for the road bike to impress someone (and without any experience), you’re probably making the wrong call.

A hybrid bike is perfect if you are looking for a more leisurely ride. One of the advantages of a hybrid bike is the more upright body position. This makes being on your bike all day much more comfortable. After all, you’re on holiday! 

Or, if you would you rather focus on the scenery than worry about that steep section in tomorrow’s route plan, then perhaps an e-bike would suit you best. The e-bike’s battery will give you that bit of extra assistance whilst pedalling uphill. Our e-bikes are a fantastic option if you doubt your physical abilities to conquer the rolling (but sometimes steep) hills of Ireland.

For more details on each bike option, you can visit our sister company, Tralee Bike Rental, for photos and technical specs.

Not sure which bike to select? Just contact us and we’ll help you choose the bike that best suits you. And, then, it’s time to start pedalling!

Luggage Transport

Another thing you can forget about is your luggage! Well, during your bike rides, that is. The IWHB luggage transport team will make sure your clean clothes get from one accommodation to the next safe and sound. And we can tell you: cycling uphill becomes much easier without that heavy load!


24/7 Phone Support

Do you unexpectedly find yourself in an unwanted situation? Don’t worry too much. Help is only a phone call away with the 24/7 phone support Ireland Walk Hike Bike provides. Do consider whether you really need help before you make the call, though. The IWHB team members won’t come over to wash your cycling shorts! In case you experience a major issue with your bike, the team will come to the rescue and replace your bike. However, you should be able to fix a puncture yourself.

Flexible Itineraries

Our Ireland cycling tour itineraries are flexible. Whenever you feel that you need an extra day of sightseeing or relaxing, just let us know in advance and we will accommodate and adjust your schedule!

Cycling in Ireland: it’s all about the experience

Cycling in Ireland is not only about cycling – it’s about the whole experience. There is so much more to discover than just the tarmac; breathtaking scenery, welcoming people, vibrant towns, ancient history and lovely local food, to name a few. The only thing you have to do is decide when you want to commence your cycling tour in Ireland. And, once you’ve done that, Ireland Walk Hike Bike will take care of the rest.

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