The Ireland Bucket List: 10 things to do in Ireland before you die

Ireland is a country like no other, steeped in natural beauty, expansive views, fresh air, character, charm & personality & we’re a tiny little country that is known around the world. If you were to ask anyone who has spent more than a week in Ireland to list the best places, experiences & ‘must do’s’ of the country, no two lists would be the same. This is why we decided we just had to create an Ireland Bucket List.

Almost everyone who visits Ireland, visits for what we call, the ‘Irish experience’ & we can tell you in four easy steps how to achieve this experience first hand & come away with the best Irish memories that will last you a lifetime.

Sit in with the locals

Sit in with the locals, mingle, watch & join in. Nothing beats quality time with a local, to get a feel for the place. This is why all our tours are guided by locals. Don’t be afraid to walk into that quiet bar & sit & chat to the locals – We’re a friendly bunch & you’re surely guaranteed to make some memories!

Ireland Bucket List - Irish Bar - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Eat & drink local

This is key to fulfilling your Irish journey. Ireland is famous for its food & drink – Get stuck in & try everything! Even the oysters! There is some amazing food festivals in Ireland over the summer months for local cuisine.

Ireland Bucket List - Irish Food - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Find live music

Ireland has more than a heartbeat; it has the rhythm of a bodhran (an Irish drum). Whether you can dance, can’t dance, can sing or can’t; you MUST experience live Irish music while on your travels here in Ireland. Close your eyes & feel the notes or get up & act as if you are auditioning for Riverdance – You know you want to!

Ireland Bucket List - Irish Pub - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Get out & breathe the fresh air

This is our favorite. There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in our island than getting outside & breathing the fresh Irish air & exploring the most beautiful sights ‘off the beaten track’. The beauty you will see & the feelings you will get are exactly why we started Ireland Walk Hike Bike in the first place!

Ireland Bucket List - Lough Tay - Ireland Walk Hike Bike


Combine the above with our Ireland bucket list & you are sure to tick every box you created when you first thought of booking a trip to Ireland.

Without further delay, we have compiled a list of the ABSOLUTE BEST experiences in Ireland for Ireland’s bucket list (in our opinion; of course).

And so, without further delay:


1. The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are an all-time favorite of ours here in Ireland. With spectacular views of the ocean & crashing waves against the majestic cliffs, it’s no wonder it’s number one on our Ireland bucket list.

Ireland Bucket List - Cliffs of Moher - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Visit the Cliffs of Moher on these tours:

Self-Guided Connemara & Burren Way Hikes

Guided Burren, Aran Islands & Connemara Hike

South Ireland Self Drive Adventure


2. The Giants Causeway

There is nothing modest when it comes to Ireland’s coastline, and this is proved when we look at the Giant’s Causeway in Co. Antrim. Nature in its rawest form, inducing a legacy of myths & imaginative stories. This place is a definite must for the Ireland bucket list.

Ireland Bucket List - Giant's Causeway - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Visit the Giants Causeway on the following tours:

Self Guided Antrim Hikes

North Ireland Self Drive Adventure


3. Pull a pint of Guinness in the Guinness Storehouse

This is an experience you’ll want to tell all your friends & family back home – How could you visit Ireland and NOT pour yourself a pint of Guinness in the “home of the black stuff” – the Guinness Storehouse? Guinness are always innovating also & has recently introduced a new technology that allows you to print your face on the top of your pint! Tick that off your bucket list!

Ireland Bucket List - Guinness Storehouse - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Visit Dublin on our Self Guided Wicklow Way Hikes.

4. Walk along the Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is simply put, astounding. A journey that encapsulates the entirety of Ireland in an experience. Jaw dropping cliffs, incredible coastal views & a million reasons to stop along the way to take a breath; highly recommended for our Ireland bucket list & experience we take you on, on many of our tours.

Ireland Bucket List - Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Walk along the Wild Atlantic Way on the following tours:

8 Day Guided Wild Atlantic, Westport & Islands Walk 


5. Visit Dingle

Dingle is a humble port town on the South West of Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula. It’s famous for keeping its character, it’s rugged scenery, hiking trails, sandy beaches & food. It’s one of the most traditional ‘Irish’ places in the country & one that needs to be experienced by everyone.


Ireland Bucket List - Dingle Town - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Visit Dingle on the following tours:

Guided “Kingdom of Kerry” Hike

Self Guided Dingle Way Hikes

6. Visit Inch Beach

Inch beach, on the Dingle peninsula, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. Famous for being a regular filming location for many films & music videos, the beach has views that span across miles of undisturbed white sand, against green hills & rugged cliff faces. A true natural beauty.

Ireland Bucket List - Inch Beach - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Visit Inch on the following tours:

Guided “Kingdom of Kerry” Hike

Self Guided Dingle Way Hikes

7. Catch a showing of Riverdance

Riverdance is a national phenomenon & a show that is famous around the world. It is an Irish dancing show that was made famous by its first performance on the Eurovision song contest 25 years ago & to this day, still takes peoples breath away.

Ireland Bucket List - Irish Dancing - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

8. Climb Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick is a world-renowned pilgrimage mountain in Co. Mayo. This mountain has a chapel at the summit & is famously hiked by thousands around the country, on ‘Reek Sunday’ which is the last Sunday in July, every year. This is done in honor of St. Patrick who, according to traditions fasted & prayed at the top of this mountain for forty days, back in 441. A hiking experience you won’t forget.

Ireland Bucket List - Craogh Patrick - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Visit Croagh #Patrick on our Guided Wild Atlantic Way Hike

Self Guided Dingle Way Hikes

9. Walk across Carrick-A-Rede bridge

Pronounced ‘Carrick-a-reedy’, this famous rope bridge is in Antrim, Northern Ireland. It links up the mainland with the island of Carrickarede and hovers 3o meters over the rocks below. This bridge is a huge tourist attraction & many flock to it every year. We highly recommend it as number nine on our Ireland bucket list as it is a fun experience along with having incredible views & photo opportunities.

Ireland Bucket List - Carrick a Rede - Ireland Walk Hike Bike

Cross Carrick a Rede on the following tours:

Self Guided Antrim Hikes

North Ireland Self Drive Adventure

10. Attend a football match in Croke Park

Croke Park is a sports stadium in Dublin & serves as the main stadium of the GAA sport. It has a capacity of over 82k & is an amazing experience to witness on a match day. Beers, burgers Irish football & thousand of Irish fans cheering for their teams. We highly recommend it, especially if you’re a sports fan!

Ireland Bucket List - GAA match - Ireland Walk Hike Bike


So, that finishes off our Ireland bucket list for 2019 – Let us know if you experience any that we have mentioned!

As part of our custom tours, we can cater to any experience you would like to add to your trip. We design bespoke custom tours every day, so all you have to do is decide on what it is you want to experience as part of a holiday with us & we can make that happen.

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