We have had a very cold and wet January thus far which has made getting out for WALKS, HIKES and BIKE rides difficult. That being said if you want to remain active in Ireland throughout the Winter then getting a little wet and dirty is all part of the fun. I have recently committed to taking part in the Killarney Adventure Race on March 14th so I really need to get some miles into my legs over the next few weeks. With this in mind, and after convincing my lovely wife Janet to accompany me, we decided that Sunday was going to be the first day of our new training programme. How I smiled when I awoke on Sunday morning to find bright winter sunshine beaming through the curtains and not a cloud in the sky. We quickly loaded our bikes onto the car and started out for Killarney which is a short 30 min drive from my home in Tralee in County Kerry. Thankfully when we arrived at Kate Kearney’s Cottage in the Gap of Dunloe the sun was still shining and as you will see from my photo’s it was looking spectacular in the winter sunshine.

This route is one we recommend that any of our cyclists experience if they have a free day in Killarney or you can cycle through the GAP on the last day of our Ring of Kerry BIKE tour. You do have the option in the Summer to cycle in through the Gap of Dunloe and take a boat ride through the famous Lakes of Killarney arriving at Ross Castle, a short cycle back to Killarney town centre.

So, we made it to the top of the Gap and descended into the Black Valley, don’t let the name scare you, it’s actually one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and somewhere you really feel you have escaped the everyday “rat race”. The name is derived from the fact that homes in the Valley were not connected to the national electricity grid until 1976! (Don’t expect WiFi until 2050!) As you can see here the views as you descend into the valley are out of this world.

We cycled onward to Lord Brandons cottage, the hunting lodge for Lord Brandon – a title given to the Right Honorable and Reverend William Crosbie (1771 to 1832), also known as the Baron of Brandon, who worked as Rector of Castleisland.  He was well respected as a warm, generous person and was known as “a man of superior order of mind and of great literary attainments”. For much of the last twenty years of his life he lived in his lakeside cottage in Killarney now called Lord Brandon’s Cottage.

After a quick photo stop we set off again to climb back up to where we had descended from. The climb is challenging but enjoyable and you will certainly need to stop to get photographs, thus making convenient rest stops! The view looking down towards Lord Brandon’s cottage makes the climb much easier as you admire the lakes in the distance.

After a quick stop at the top of our climb to capture the Gap of Dunloe in all its Glory, we set of back towards Kate Kearneys Cottage for a well-earned cup of coffee. I hope to get out to more of my favourite locations around the country over the coming months so keep checking here for a first-hand view of what Ireland in the winter & spring is all about. #fourseasonsinoneday


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  1. Looks like a beautiful day. Sunshine is always a treat in the winter! Is that snow on the mountains?

  2. Maurice! Your pictures bring back such happy memories. The last time we walked through the Black Valley to Killarney the lake was flooded and we had to wade half way to the falls. A great adventure. Now sitting deep in the doldrums of what passes for winter in Texas with my heart longing for Ireland and wishing we could join Linda on her Dingle walk. Be well and send a big Texas smooch from me ‘n my Beloved to all our Irish pals!

  3. Great to hear from you Lou!!!!
    Do get back to us soon again.
    Maurice & everyone at Ireland Walk Hike Bike

  4. Great post. I must go back out there and do it again. Watch out for sheep on the descent!!

  5. Haha, there’s no getting away from the sheep on Irish country roads Donal!

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