Dingle is a great place for top quality food due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean; you get to enjoy fresh and readily available fish. There are lots of Restaurants in Dingle to choose from so we decided to give you our top choices! In addition to that, Dingle also prides itself in rearing the best sheep in the world! One of the things that should be on your bucket list when you visit Dingle is; trying out lamb meat.  Due to the seaside fields where they graze, the lamb meat has a slightly salty flavor that you cannot get anywhere else.

The Chart House

People would walk miles to come and enjoy the treats offered in this stone built restaurant! Its undisputedly one of Dingle’s favorite dining destinations since 1997 when it was opened. Over the years they have managed to maintain a good reputation due to their unique delicacies. The restaurant offers contemporary international delicacies in a buzzy atmosphere. Nonetheless, the delicacies are celiac friendly; they have early bird menus and vegetarian friendly meals that have at least one starter and one main course. Lastly, the seafood and vegetarian dishes they serve are very appealing, but what sticks in the mind most is the meat dishes. Check out their menu here

Global Village

Incorporating modern methods touched by tradition in a unique way that combines the purest local ingredients, adding a good taste and tone to different meals. In 2013 they ranked as the best restaurant in Kerry by the Restaurant Association of Ireland. Furthermore, in 2014, they were ranked as the best emerging local cuisine. Outside the restaurant, there’s a large board that displays the local provenance; fresh meat and vegetables obtained from farmers who follow a sustainable farming policy, fresh fish and seafood from inshore local fishermen. Have a look at whats on the menu here

Fenton’s of Dingle

Fenton’s is a family run restaurant, the family has a passion for farming and all the ingredients used at the restaurant are locally sourced. Located on Green Street and you can expect a warm Dingle welcome here. Additionally, it is one of the most popular places to eat in Dingle and the people here in Kerry and our guests love it. Choose from a range of; Black Angus, Paddy Fenton’s Dingle Dexter beef, fresh herbs grown by the family and vegetables obtained from local farmers. Visiting Fentons gives you the opportunity to sit back relax and enjoy the best local produce prepared by professional chefs. Check out their menu here

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