Thinking of visiting Ireland this year? We suggest instead of the busy summer months you should consider Spring.

Spring is a time of growth and birth, the cold and blustery winter is now over and the promise of longer days it is the ideal time to visit in Ireland. Spring is also the ideal time to hike or bike around. Our roads are less busy,  there’s fewer tourists visiting the popular attractions, the weather is mild enough and the flowers are in full bloom.

Here’s a few reasons why to visit during Spring

Saint Patricks Day

Every year we celebrate the Saint who banished snakes from our lands with stunning displays of parades, festivals and fireworks. As Galway is the 2020 European City of Culture, it is the perfect place to view the 2020 St Patrick’s Day Parade combined with one of our Self Drive Tours. Sound perfect? check our our Northern Ireland Self Drive 8 Day Tour


Spring Flowers at the Burren

Ireland is awash with the most beautiful wild flowers in the world and during Spring season, the Burren GeoPark is home to some of the most diverse wild flowers thanks to its limestone landscape. It is one of the largest and most accessible Karst regions in the world and is the only place on the planet that Arctic, Mediterranean and Alpine plants grow side-by-side.  On our Guided Tour of the Burren, Aran Islands & Connemara you can witness this unique biodiversity in all its glory.

Spring brings life out 

During Spring the lambing season is in full flight, there are countless fluffy baby lambs frolicking through the fields with calves also in full view.  On many of our tours you have the option of visiting a working farm and spend time with the latest arrivals.

Spring is also a time when migrating birds return home to nest and is the best time to visit sea creatures in their natural habitat – baby seals and Puffins are a sight to behold on the Skellig Islands in County Kerry. Sound interesting? Check out our Guided Kingdom of Kerry Hike.

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Photo by Wynand van Poortvlie on Unsplash