Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tours App

Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tours App

Enjoy self-guided walking and hiking tours with ease and convenience with our personalised GPS Hiking App

Discovering Ireland’s most beautiful regions on foot is a breeze with our GPS hiking tour app. We consolidate everything you need for your Ireland self-guided hiking tour in one place, accessible at the touch of a screen.

Benefits of Our Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tours App

Retrieving information from several different sources like emails, websites and map apps can be cumbersome, resulting in confusion and lost time. Using our hassle-free app, however, you can quickly locate and retrieve the information you need at each stage of your Ireland self-guided hike. Think of our GPS hiking app as your virtual hiking tour assistant as you traverse the wild and scenic Irish countryside. We personalise the details for you, so all you need to do is log in!

Whether meandering through mountains along the Wicklow Way, admiring ancient stone fortresses on the Aran Islands, traversing limestone landscapes in the Burren or basking in the serene beauty along the Dingle Way, our self-guided hiking app is your trusted companion throughout your journey.  Thanks to the added value of this technology, you can maximise your time on the trail – spend less time planning and worrying, more time enjoying your active holiday! 

Anytime you book one of our self-guided walking tours in Ireland, you have access to your own fully personalised hiking app. Our self-guided hikes include Dingle Way, Kerry Way, Wicklow Way, Aran Islands & Burren, Beara Way, Sheep’s Head Way, Antrim Glens & Giant’s Causeway, and a walking route through the northwest region, west of Donegal. Our app helps our self-guided hikers explore Ireland’s stunning hinterlands, panoramic coastal views,, rolling hills and mountains – with insightful details just a few clicks away.

Furthermore, utilising our hiking app gives you to access some fantastic hikes that are less known and not publicly marked – which also means very few other hikers! One such example is Day 7 of our Self-Guided Dingle Way Hike from Cloghane to Annascaul. Though not part of the official Dingle Way, this stretch of trail delivers one of the best hikes in the region along an old farmer’s track known as “the way of the cow.” With our GPS enabled app, you can experience hikes like this without any navigation worries, thanks to the waypoint technology. Similarly, if unfavorable weather like fog suddenly limits visibility, you have the added security of a GPS app to show you the way.

What to Expect while using our Self-Guided Hiking Tours App

Follow the process on our website to book the Self-Guided Walking Tour that grabs your interest. The most challenging part might be narrowing down the tour options to just one hike! We’re here to share our expertise and help you select the best tour that matches your interests and experience.

The information contained on our app is easy to navigate and comprehensive for your entire walking holiday, in your hand. More than just a GPS navigation tool, it includes your complete itinerary, important notes concerning your hiking route each day (i.e. distances, elevation), downloadable maps and points of interest. Don’t worry about losing your way; our GPS walking map design is created with the user in mind. Keep track of where you are on your self-guided tours of Ireland and what’s ahead without juggling multiple separate documents! With another touch of your screen, locate destination information, accommodation details and recommendations for food and drink each evening. 

In case of any unforeseen issues while you’re on your self-guided hiking tour, the app also has contact details for the emergency services in Ireland, as well as our 24-hour phone number for Ireland Walk Hike Bike. In addition, Google weather keeps you up-to-date with the often changeable Irish weather for each day of your trip.

We want you to feel ready and well prepared to hit the trail on arrival to Ireland! To make your personalised GPS Hiking App experience as smooth as possible, we send and activate your access around six weeks prior to your tour (just following receipt of final payment). This allows for ample time to log in, review and familiarise yourself with the features, maps and route notes. If you select the Digital Package option, you will also receive a PDF copy of your tour route notes.

Finding and downloading the app is simple. It’s available for free from both the App Store and the Play Store. Search for IrelandWalkHikeBike on your Apple or Android phone, begin the download and get ready to discover all the information you need about your self-guided hiking tours in one smart solution. Prior to starting your self-guided walking tour, we recommend that you download your GPS walking maps to your mobile phone, and any other essential information, in the event you lose data service at some point during your hike. You can just turn on your GPS location services to save on data usage.

“The materials provided before and during the trip were extremely helpful. The phone app was excellent.” – Carole, USA

As you criss-cross the Irish countryside on our trails, encounter archeological ruins, fairy forts, coastal landmarks, oratories and old churches. Using the app gives you a heads-up on approaching such places of interest, where you might like to break for a pitstop or perhaps brush up on your Irish history, myth and folklore. There’s a world of clues from the past dotted around the windswept, hilly terrain – many with fascinating backstories that offer a window into Ireland’s ancient history and culture.

“Everything went off without a hitch. Directions and maps were great and easy to follow.” – Kelly, USA

Almost as essential as the scenic countryside itself are the places discovered to relax and tune into the local atmosphere after a morning or afternoon of hiking. The app features the best places to sample food and drinks en route and enjoy some of the local Irish culture. Keep an ear out for locals speaking Irish in the Gaeltacht areas, taste a delicious Guinness on tap and soak up the cosy ambiance and live music in the pubs.

We personally hike and review our self-guided hiking routes each year to ensure all details are accurate and up to date. You won’t find any generic guidebooks here for your hikes! We’ve created and collected the most valuable information for our self-guided walking tours and combined them into a single, accessible and intuitive app. Our GPS walking map app won’t weigh you down either, unlike paperback guidebooks, which also contain information you’ll never use. Instead, we provide the details for what’s relevant, tailored to your specific tour.

Ready to start planning a self-guided walking tour in Ireland? Search for the Ireland Walk Hike Bike App in your relevant store today! Note that the app will not display any content for your tour until you are fully booked and balanced.

GPS Cycling App: Note that all of the features included for our Self-Guided Hiking Tours are also available for our Self-Guided Cycling Tours! Instead of hiking trails, our GPS app guides you along cycling routes.

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