Clean Up Ballyseedy

On February 21st we took to Clean Ballyseedy Woods for our inaugural monthly clean up! Ireland is our country, our home & we are passionate about it.  In all we do, we want to ensure that we leave the Ireland we know and love for our children & for future generations to come. We spent two hours here doing the clean up and focused mainly in the car parks as the Ballyseedy Woods were quite clean. Its mind numbing the things people just toss out without a care in the world. We found a Nike runner, just one! A car seat, not a kids size one an actual full sized car seat, Cordless telephone charging port intact with plug and many many other things.

Whether the litter is intentional or unintentional, large or small, it can drastically affect the environment for years to come. Consider the impact you can make on the environment by recycling, reusing and disposing of waste properly.

We were delighted with the amount of people who came to help for the clean up. There were 20 volunteers of all ages who each gave two hours of their time and the results were incredible. We will make this a monthly event and welcome suggestions for areas to go to. We mainly recruited people form our office and through Facebook. It is great the wonders of social media when it comes to arranging an event like this! Lots of people shared and invited others to our ”Clean Up Ballyseedy”.


Thank you to Kerry County Council for providing us with bags, gloves and litter pickers for our Clean Up Ballyseedy. They were incredibly helpful in helping us get the materials to put all of our clean ups together. They also arranged for all the rubbish we collected to be disposed of.


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