Some people adore hiking. Some people don’t. Some people view activities such as hiking, walking and biking as sheer challenges when on the flip side, many see these activities as fun and extremely enjoyable.

One thing is certain though.

Whether you’re a lover or a hater of walking, hiking or biking; there is no denying the feeling of absolute clarity and elation, when you complete a challenge of even the smallest of distances.

Being one of Ireland’s leading companies in providing walking, hiking and biking tours throughout Ireland for many years now; we have noticed 5 things. 5 things that come back again and again through testimonials from our customers and from our own experiences from running hiking tours in Ireland.

1. You’ll experience absolute mindfulness

Taking the time out in nature, walking and breathing in fresh Irish air, no technology, no pollution, no beeping of horns, no music; only the sound of the air crashing into the trees, the sound of birds singing along to the rhythm of your footsteps and the crunches of cold Irish grass; a symphony of therapeutic ingredients.

2. You’ll experience Ireland the way it’s meant to be

True Ireland is not experienced in the hustle and bustle of busy streets, traffic lights and shopping malls. True Ireland is history, it’s nature, it’s the little pub in the middle of nowhere that serves the best pint of Guinness in the country and is poured to perfection while dancing into the glass to the melody of an Irish jig, played by the greatest Irish musicians on the island.

3. You’ll get to see places others may never see

From coastlines to villages, mountain peaks and all that’s in between, Ireland has SO many hidden secrets and endless amounts of history from Ireland’s ancient past. Only a certain percentage of famous Irish legends and myths are known to the general public. Deep-rooted stories and the magic of Ireland awaits.

4. You’ll experience breath-taking views

The Tours we have designed boast some of the most incredible views in all of Ireland. And whether you are walking, hiking or biking in Ireland; you’ll be sure to witness sights you will want to freeze frame in your mind forever. Then for the aficionado of the photography world; Ireland is where you want to be to capture aesthetic greatness. From the spectacularly scenic landscapes to views from the tops of mountains. No matter which tour you go on; you are guaranteed to be in awe.

5. The Irish ‘Craic’

Led by an Irish native, all our tour guides are hand picked with you in mind. As an organisation, we are all truly passionate about this place we call home and we operate all our tours with you in mind and enabling you to experience the REAL Ireland. Ireland has so much to offer and we know just how to show you. And the craic…that’s a given. That and most definitely, a nice cup of tea.


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