Oh Ireland, ever maternal by nature; named as one of the 20 safest countries in the world, voted for years as one of the friendliest countries in the world; it’s almost as if our land & our inhabitants were created to welcome the solo traveler with open arms & a hot cup of tea. Solo travel in Ireland is something we have seen so much of in 2019 & it just continues to grow.

Solo travel in Ireland is increasingly popular & we see it more & more here at Ireland Walk Hike Bike as the years go on, with so many happy solo travelers visiting us & signing up to our guided tours & then leaving with happy smiles & a circle of friends from around the world.

We have been meeting & greeting with couples, families, groups & solo travelers in Ireland for many years now & have picked up on some ‘must-do’ tips & advice for all & so we felt it time to share some tips & advice if you are considering solo travel in Ireland, on this occasion.


So, if you are looking to take part in some hiking or biking tours, exploring some ‘off the beaten track’ locations in Ireland as you solo travel, then look no further than what we offer here at Ireland Walk Hike Bike as we have a huge number of solo travelers in Ireland every year! We proudly boast that our tours are the perfect place to explore the best parts of the country in the safety of a group while making friends & having loads of fun along the way.

What to Pack

The first thing to pack for solo travel in Ireland is a raincoat, regardless of what season you are visiting Ireland in. Rain is something that is incredibly difficult to predict in Ireland & so it’s always better to be well prepared when thinking ahead about weather predictions. Regardless of whether you plan to hike, bike or simply explore the streets of Dublin; sturdy footwear is a definite must for the suitcase. A camera; whether it’s disposable, professional or on your phone is a definite must also! You are guaranteed that there will be moments around every corner that you will be itching to capture in a photograph. A rucksack will also come in handy for exploring the streets or rural parts of Ireland as you travel solo.

The above suggestions are a guide only. If you are visiting Ireland to come hiking or cycling with us, there will be additional specifics that you are advised to pack. Visit our FAQ page for a list of packing essentials & more info.

Staying Safe

Safety is important when traveling anywhere; regardless of whether you travel solo or with another person or group & while it is definitely important to realize that there is no country that is completely crime free, we can safely say that you can explore Ireland with peace of mind that Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world. While precautions should always be taken, especially at night time, solo travelers can enjoy all the many characters that Ireland has to offer, without the stress of safety problems. In today’s modern technology world, there is an array of apps on the market, specifically created for solo travelers. We have listed some below & would advise you to download the ones that you felt were most relevant to you.

Trip Whistle Global SOS

This free app gives you access to emergency numbers for 196 world countries. It also shows your location while on a call & allows you to send your link location to friends & family. The app is also very easy to use & will give you peace of mind when traveling. Great for solo travel in Ireland.


This is a fantastic free app that allows you to select contacts as companions who can then see your location. The big feature within this app is it’s ‘I Feel Nervous’ button’, which will flag your companion’s attention. The app is great for allowing your friends or family back home to know where you are. If you want to travel solo in Ireland, this is a great app to have.

Ireland Walk Hike Bike

We recently launched a new app. Guests get access to this app once they are booked onto a self-guided or guide-assisted tour. Within the app, you will see your unique hiking or cycling trail & all of this can be accessed offline, meaning you won’t need access to the internet to use it while out in the middle of Ireland. Along your trail will be marked places of interest such as restaurants, accommodation, bars, historic monuments & more.

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