The outdoors has always been the inspiration for our business and lifestyle so we have always had respect for the environment. We’ve always been doing our best to be environmentally friendly but recently we have decided to take it seriously and do our part for the earth. We feel strongly that tourism should be sustainable and people should be able to have an enjoyable holiday happy in the knowledge they are having minimal impact on the local environment.


So we decided to enlist the help of Mary Mulvey from Eco Tourism Ireland to help us formalise our commitment. It was a team effort in the office to get creative and think of ways we could help the environment but still provide high quality holidays. With Marys support and advice we were certified EcoTourism Silver in February 2015.

This is by no means the end of our effort but the beginning of our journey and by becoming certified we gain a voice which we can use to help spread awareness about the environment.  This begins with our guides, who are now Leave No Trace certified. It also means taking responsibility for the carbon footprint left by both our own minibus and you travelling to Ireland, we are partnered with Sustainable Travel international to offset this carbon footprint.

From your point of view your holiday will fundamentally be the same; however we are more likely to use environmentally friendly accommodation, or accommodations that are doing all they can for the environment – like recycling and sourcing food locally. If you are on one of our Guided Holidays – then your guide will be giving you more information on leave no trace, how we are doing what we can to help locally and eco-tourism generally. Its small changes like these, or buying your picnic lunch from local sources that all add up to make a big difference.

If you want a more comprehensive look into to our eco policy and what we’re getting up to you can check it out here. We’re learning and updating this all the time so we love getting feedback if you have any.


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