Hiking Guide Sean Crean

Meet one of our Ireland hiking tour guides, Sean Crean, who will not only fill your ears with stories, folklore, music and fascinating history, he’ll also keep you in stitches!

Grab a cup of tea, get comfy and turn up your volume for this “armchair chat” with Sean…

Meet Ireland Hiking Guide, Sean Crean

A “Day on a Hike” with Sean Crean

Sean’s Clever Ireland Hiking Hack

Sean’s Top 5 Ireland Hiking Tips

No 1 Clean your boots after each hike. They will remain in good order and prevent wet feet.

No 2 Wash your waterproofs at least once a year. They will remain waterproof and you can be sure of staying dry.

No 3 Always carry food and extra layers of clothing while hiking in Ireland.

No 4 Know when your body is telling you “I’ve had enough for today, buddy.”

No 5 Carry some Sheep Wool with you during your Ireland guided hike, if you’re willing to try it! It prevents blisters and is even better than plasters (bandaids), Moleskin or Compeed. It’s free on every bush and bramble!

About Sean Crean
Born in Ballina, Co. Mayo on the west coast of Ireland, I spent every available moment of my youth hiking the rugged fields and mountains that surrounded me. My early interests were fishing (I lived within earshot of the weirs that tumble into the world famous Ridge Pool on the River Moy), foraging and hunting. Later, I played Irish music and enjoyed success as a song writer. I reside in Dublin, where I’ve been now for more than 40 years, and my wife and I have two sons. 

Lucky moment was when I met Ireland Walk Hike Bike’s founder, Linda, 10 years ago in the mountains around Dingle in Co. Kerry, just a few days following my retirement. I’ve been working as a hiking guide ever since! I love my work leading small group guided hikes in Ireland. It gives me a chance to pursue my pastime and gather more stories. I still pursue my ‘old interests,’ but hiking, Irish history and folklore seem to blend in well with my life experience to date.

Ireland hiking guide Sean Crean and three hikers

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